Andrews Story

Andrew's Story


Andrew was diagnosed with autism as a child. At just four years old, Andrew’s mother passed away and he was raised by his father. Their relationship was troubled and now there is little contact between them. Andrew did have a close relationship with his grandfather but sadly he recently passed away.

hyh met with Andrew after he was referred due to his financial difficulties. He needed support to get back on track.

After an initial assessment, it became clear that he was struggling with his rent and bills. Andrew owed over £1,000 in rent and he had not paid his water bill for some time. His flat was messy and he had written his household budget on a wall, as he needed it to be visual due to his autism.

hyh immediately contacted the council and requested his rent to be paid straight from his universal credit, so he would not accumulate further debt. Affinity Water were contacted and Andrew received support in setting up a realistic payment plan.

Andrew’s neighbours frequently complained about his noise to the council, so after talks with Harpenden Trust, they kindly paid for his floors to be carpeted. Since then there have been reduced complaints. hyh also used donated vouchers to buy him paint so he could cover up his drawing on the walls and make his flat into a nicer living space. ‘Friends Of hyh’ supplied Andrew with a whiteboard which he uses to visualise his budget and to record meeting reminders.

Over time, Andrew developed mood swings, especially around the anniversaries of the death of his mother and grandfather. After discussions, he decided to start counselling as he felt ready to talk through the bereavements in the hope of improving his mental health.

Andrew is currently assisted by the hyh Floating Support Team and the aim is for him to successfully live independently. In the meantime, Andrew receives the support he needs for his wellbeing and to improve his future prospects.



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