One of hyh’s big success stories over the past year has been our Mediation team with a whopping 97% of young people and their families using the Under 16s service reporting less conflict at home.

Our dedicated mediators help those aged 10 to 24 and their families find ways to resolve conflict in the home and maintain their relationships – a powerful tool in preventing youth homelessness.

Of those young people using our 16+ service, 73% returned to or remained in the family home.

Funding from Children in Need has also meant hyh can support families where poor mental health or substance misuse is preventing them from using the service.

Ahead of this year’s Children in Need, hyh Mediation Team Leader Emma Manners explained to BBC Three Counties Radio how we use mediation to prevent youth homelessness.

Harry’s story:


Through mediation, we were able to prevent family breakdown and teach Harry and his Dad the skills necessary to resolve conflict, allowing them to spend time together and build a more positive relationship.

Harry and two of his siblings had gone to live with their Dad under the terms of a court order but arguments led to a communication breakdown and Harry kept running away from home.

Our Mediation team realised Harry had issues with the boundaries set by his Dad because he had often been the main carer when living with his Mum.

Following mediation, Harry and his Dad made progress communicating with each other, building an open and honest relationship, self-esteem and confidence.

As a result, the family have been experiencing less conflict at home and spending more time together. They now feel they have the skills and resources to help resolve conflict and prevent future breakdown.

It costs around £300 to provide a series of mediation sessions to a family in crisis.