There was a fantastic atmosphere at the St Albans Sleepout with lots of smiling faces despite the chilly weather as our amazing supporters spent a night under the stars to raise thousands of pounds for hyh.

The event, at Oaklands College, has already raised almost £10,000 for hyh with the final total not expected until early next year.

Lucy Davies, taking part for the first time, said she didn’t sleep much through the night but it was the feeling of vulnerability that really got her.

I had my head covered by a box but I felt I needed to see the sky so I made sure I had a little peep hole. But that meant I saw people walking past and that’s when it hit me – the vulnerability.

The thought that these people could be you or me walking past a homeless person. That person walking by might be kind but equally that person might be looking down on me and consider me to be in their way. They might choose to kick me or to verbally abuse me.

I felt lonely. I thought about my family. Not in a jealous way – that is not envious that they were at home in their warm and comfy beds – but in a way that made me imagine living without them,” she said.

Over 120 sleepers took part in the St Albans Sleepout which was organised by hyh and four other local charities.

Participants got creative with their sleeping arrangements, with one group putting together an impressive cardboard creation, complete with fairy lights.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the sleepout – you’ve all been incredible,” said hyh Community & Events Fundraiser Victoria Flynn.

The event is an opportunity for our supporters to experience a small fraction of what a homeless person might go through. Except here, everyone can come inside, warm up with some tea and go back to their home afterwards. We are sleeping out to raise funds for those that don’t have that option.

hyh would like to thank Oaklands College for once again providing the venue and for all their invaluable assistance throughout the event.


If you’ve been inspired by the St Albans Sleepout then why not organise your own fundraising event for hyh or order one of our moneyboxes to donate your loose change?


St Albans Sleepout participant Lucy