Sukhvinder is a Corporate Policy Officer for Hertfordshire County Council and has been volunteering for hyh for almost three years as one of our Trustees.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for governing hyh. They decide how we are run and make sure all decisions put the needs of the vulnerable people we support first.

Being a trustee means Sukhvinder is able to put her skills in managing partnerships as well as previous experience in the housing sector to good use.

Why did you decide to volunteer for hyh?

“I took a career break about four years ago. I was fortunate to have developed fantastic working relationships with the voluntary sector and was approached by the Chief Executive for support on a particular project. In my absence of any ties to an employer, I began to see hyh from a completely different perspective and was overwhelmed at the extent of support provided to young people - it was much wider than providing a home!
“The passion demonstrated by the staff and the vision of hyh was very much close to my heart - it was this that drew me in to becoming a volunteer in a more formal capacity.”

What do you do as trustee?

“I am Vice-Chair and support the Chairman utilizing my housing background in local government by offering a practical and strategic input on projects. I offer hyh a strategic overview of what's happening in the Hertfordshire, identifying gaps and where hyh could respond to meet the needs of young people in our county.”

Has volunteering for hyh helped you in other areas of your life?

“Massively - I have learnt new skills and gained an insight into another sector. The culture in the charitable sector is very different to the local government and commercial world - hyh achieves so much with significant impact but in a much different way.
“In my personal life, my friends and family tell me I have become more empathetic. I find myself tearful and respond to every charitable cause on TV.
“I have a great sense of satisfaction about doing something where I am not expecting anything in return.”

Anything else you’d like to add about volunteering?

“If you are considering volunteering, come and give it a shot. It doesn't have to be a formal arrangement. There are so many opportunities - I have not heard a single volunteer to date say that they have regretted it!”