hyh's emergency accommodation service, Nightstop Herts was a lifeline for Sandra at a time when there was very little other support available to her.

Without the help of hyh and our Nightstop Herts volunteer hosts who offer up a room in their own home, Sandra may not have been able to start her new job and could have been forced to return home where she had suffered abuse.

Sandra was referred to Nightstop Herts by her local authority after she walked into the council offices at 4pm with nowhere to sleep that night.

She had left her family home a week earlier, following years of controlling and abusive behaviour by her parents and had been staying in a hotel but had almost run out of money.

The council referred her to Nightstop Herts, who, after completing their checks, found a room in the home of a volunteer host.

When Sandra went into Nightstop Herts she had only two sets of clothes, no toiletries and very little money and was due to start a new job in a few days.

Whilst in Nightstop Herts, she was provided with food and toiletries and was able to have a shower and use the washing machine each day.

With the help of Nightstop Herts and her host, Sandra found an affordable room in a shared house.

The host helped her move in and Nightstop Herts gave her food parcels when needed.

Thanks to hyh and Nightstop Herts, Sandra was able to start her new job and move on with her life.

A donation of just £25 can provide one night in Nightstop Herts for a young person who has nowhere else to go

Nightstop Herts has 18 volunteer hosts across the county and between them they have provided 236 bed nights to vulnerable young people who would otherwise have been sleeping rough.