Katie is one of our selfless volunteers who gives her time to help Herts Young Homeless support vulnerable, young people.

As part of hyh’s Mediation team, Katie works with young people and their families to help resolve conflict, and enable better relationships and positive communication, all of which assists in preventing homelessness.

She tells hyh why she decided to volunteer and the rewards she has got from her role:

I wanted to use my mediation training and gain experience and I’ve always done voluntary roles.

I also really believe in what mediation can do for families and wanted to use that skill in my volunteering and my job. It gives me experience and I can give some time back volunteering.

In this particular role, I’m able to be very flexible which works well with my family. One day a week is my commitment but the time is broken down over several days.
The Mediation team at hyh is fantastic. They’re really committed to the work and have been very supportive of me.

There’s a feeling about hyh that everyone is committed to supporting young people. They’re like a big family. It feels very supportive and I’m made to feel part of the team and feel involved

Being able to develop new skills is a really important part of why I’m volunteering. It’s a big attraction for people who want to expand and learn new skills, particularly if you’re a school, college or university leaver or a returner (to work).

Mediation is a skill I want to develop so the volunteer role has really come along at the right time. It’s opened up a new opportunity for me and also at the same time I’m able to support a local charity that I think do a fantastic job.”

Find out how you can help make a difference with hyh at www.hyh.org.uk/volunteer