hyh would like to say a huge “THANK YOU!” to everyone who braved the damp and cold to raise money for us at the St Albans Abbey Sponsored Sleepout.

Our amazing supporters have already raised in the region of £5,000 which will go towards helping vulnerable people across Hertfordshire who are homeless or at risk of becoming so.

First-timer Sarah told hyh she found the event quite moving
“It's made me feel very emotional. I can't imagine having to do that every night...what's sad is that it (homelessness) is getting worse.”

A team from hyh were among those who spent the night under the stars.

Advice and Information worker Althea explained why she felt it was important to take part:

“I wanted to have more understanding about what it’s like to sleep rough and be vulnerable and without protection.

“I know it’s really different as we only did it for one night and we had our warm clothes and sleeping bags but maybe it gives us an insight into what being homeless is like.

“I can’t imagine doing it every night.”

hyh was one of 11 local charities taking part in the Sleepout which last year raised over £53,000 in total, split between the participating organisations.


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