hyh’s intrepid triathletes – James (l) and Rudi



Two brave volunteers will be taking the plunge and competing in the world’s largest triathlon this weekend to raise money for hyh.

Rudi Keyser and James McHugh will swim, cycle and, finally, run to the finish line of the AJ Bell London Triathlon.

For Rudi, director of Watling Street Beer in Radlett, it will be a trip down memory lane as he represented South Africa in the triathlon, even competing in the 1999 world championships.

I thought it would be a good idea to get me back into shape now I’m just thinking I’ll finish,” Rudi told hyh.
It’s probably been 17 or 18 years since I retired as a semi-professional triathlete.
But I don’t talk about years ago, I talk about kilograms ago!” he added with a laugh.
I’m counting on muscle memory of 17 years ago to get me through it. But there’s no doubt I’ll finish.

Finishing the event isn’t an issue for James either, even though he will be making his triathlon debut.
I’ve done three half marathons before so hopefully I’ll be in good enough shape,” said James, who is on a graduate scheme with Santander
I haven’t done too much cycling but I’ve been swimming on and off since November as I’m scared that will be the hard bit.
I’ll finish it though – will power will see me through!

You can still sponsor James and Rudi.
The money raised will go towards helping vulnerable people in Hertfordshire.