Welwyn Wailers, a local theatrical fundraising group, have donated £500 to our Home Truths Education Team.

The donation will provide schooling for approximately 150 students, the equivalent of a whole year group in one Education Support Centre (ESC) or one class in five different centres in the Welwyn Hatfield region.

Teaching in ESCs for young and vulnerable people who can’t manage in mainstream education is especially important as evidence shows that these youngsters are more likely to end up with housing concerns due to their vulnerabilities.

Welwyn Wailers is an amateur dramatic company which has been producing an annual old-time music hall production for over 35 years and raises money for local charities every year.

On their donation, Welwyn Wailer member Jim McKeown explains “there is nothing worse than seeing young people in a homeless situation, and we are very pleased to be able to help get them onto the ladder for better things. As hyh is local we felt it a worthy charity which helps disadvantage homeless youths to help them get their lives back on track.”

Maggie Foster of the hyh education team explains “living independently isn’t easy, and many young people just don’t realise how important it is to plan, prepare and have a strong support network in place. Our education sessions encourage them to think about the skills and resources they will need and also give them vital information about where they can get support if they experience problems.”

Thank you to the Welwyn Wailers for their support!


Welwyn Wailers

Maggie Foster, Education Service Facilitator receiving the cheque from Welwyn Wailer members, Christine and Jim