On Saturday 4 May, 9 individuals from Barnet took on the Tough Mudder course in Kettering, Northampton and successfully raised £2,000! Included in the 9 were hyh’s very own Jennie Rawlings, Marketing Manager, and Kathryn Salmon, Head of Service, Floating Support.

Tough Mudder, known as one of the toughest events in the world, is a hardcore obstacle course designed by British Special Forces where 25 obstacles cover 12 miles. The event is designed to test strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie with team spirit and working together the primary factor.

Obstacles are based around mud, fire, ice-water and electricity; some which the Barnet 9 had to tackle included ‘arctic enema’ where competitors immerse themselves in freezing cold water, ‘mud mile’ which is a tough hill climb through thick mud and ‘trench warfare’ which includes crawling through small tunnels of mud and water.

The money raised from the sponsorship will go directly towards helping young people to purchase white goods such as cookers or washing machines. It is anticipated that these will be harder for young people to afford these essential items as Community Care Grants are no longer available.    

Jennie Rawlings, stated “Tough Mudder was a gruelling experience but knowing that we were all taking on this challenge to help support young homeless people was good motivation when times got extra tough.”

Thank you to the team for tackling the course and raising a fantastic amount for hyh!


Barnet 9