Key stage 3 students at Yavneh College, Borehamwood get the opportunity to do extra-curricular activities.  One activity is the charity committee called Am Echad (which translates to ‘One People ‘).  Students from the Am Echad committee managed to raise a whopping £2300 for hyh and the same amount for two other deserving charities called JAMI and Jeremy’s Circle.  

This was a truly fantastic effort by the group of mainly year 8’s and year 9’s.  The group ran a number of different enterprises over the year to raise the funds.  These included; the Purim fair, the Shavuot raffle and a Spin the Dreidal competition.

The Purim fair was where the students’ set up several stalls and fun games for other students in years 7, 8 & 9 to participate in.  Some of the stalls included; a lucky dip, a tombola and a knocking over the cans game.

The Shavuot raffle was where pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 had to pick a ticket out of a jar. If the number contained a 4 or a 9 in it, which represents the number of days it took for Moshe to climb up to Har Sinai, then you were entered into the final round of the raffle for the chance to win some pretty cool prizes for the students.  

Another event that the Am Echad committee ran was a Spin the dreidal competition. At this event the students paid for turns to spin a dreidal, if they could get it to spin the longest they won a prize.  

As well as these events the students’ and their teachers did many hours of bucket shaking at the school gates to raise the money.

Ollie Mortensen of the education team at hyh went to a school assembly to receive the cheque and said he was humbled by the effort and generosity of the young people.  

hyh is extremely grateful for the efforts and generosity of the students at Yavneh College.  Well done Yavneh College!