Ollie Mortensen and Hollie Daniels from hyh visited Oaklands College Citizenship students on Wednesday 7th March to show how their organisation supports young people with housing issues.

The group provides advice and information, mediation services and other resources, but the main focus for the outreach speakers programme is to prevent homelessness from occurring.


Ollie and Hollie used active learning styles, a card sorting game, quizzes and discussion based activities to get the students to consider the skills they need in order to leave home, where they can live, how much it costs to live away from home and the types of accommodation that exist.


They also discussed the causes of homelessness and what people should do if they find themselves in that situation. The students were shown a film reflecting the views of real Herts Young Homeless voices – to stimulate thought about how easily people can find themselves without a home.


Visit www.oaklands.ac.uk for more information.