Alex, Annie and Max tell us the school’s efforts in fundraising  £1300 to help young homeless people in Hertfordshire:

“Having spent best part of an hour trying to decide on which charities we wanted to fundraise for, the ‘Herts Young Homeless’ charity definitely got our vote. Being a teenager in Britain is hard enough, but after doing a bit of research and learning more about what it involves to be a homeless teen, the situation they’re placed in is something that no person should have to face alone. In an effort to raise money for this very worthy cause we decided to hold a Halloween bake sale, baking cakes and cookies of our own design. We baked roughly 50 cookies and 150 cupcakes and at the end of our 20 minute slot not a single crumb was left.  We arranged for teachers to do a sponsored dress up day too, they put in an amazing effort and the costumes ranged from a ladybird to a Christmas Tree. We also went around the school and school grounds shaking collection cans as well as standing outside main school events trying to collect money from parents and pupils. As this charity is helping people of a similar age to us we had great support from pupils and staff alike trying to help us make a difference. We know that the world can be very judgemental about homelessness but as part of the fundraising, we wanted to make sure that people were aware of the situations homeless teens were in and how it is very rarely of their own choice. We hope that our donation of £1300 will help the charity to thrive and continue providing services to help teens put in an impossible position”